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The 4 Colors of Port Wine

Produced in the Douro region, Port Wine is unique!.

With about four centuries of history it’s considered one of the best wines in the world!

Although there is a multitude of grape varieties and flavors, Port Wine is classified into four main styles based on the color and characteristics of each wine. These 4 styles were the base for the development of this product named: The 4 Colors of Port Wine.

We associated the product with an illustration of the famous Barco Rabelo, which played a very important role in the development of this wine. With the purchase of the 4 different port wines provided in its own box, the customer can have the full image of the Barco Rabelo.

Fernando Pessoa used to say: "Life is Good, but better is the wine"


Selling Display

For promoting the product in the points of sale we offer a black acrylic display with printed PVC backs.

On the left side of the exhibitor the customer can see the colors of Port Wine and on the right side the tubes are already inside the corresponding box.

Although sold in units, the customer will be able to buy the pack of 4 Porto Wines and will have the full image of the famous Barco Rabelo.

The 4 Colors of Port Wine

The Port wine trade was dependent on the river to take the port wine from the producing area to the exporters' cellars located on the coast. The first references to boats with wine along the Douro River dated back to the year 1200. During most of the history of Port wine and until the mid-twentieth century, the boats that carried out this work were the notable Rabelo Boats.

The 4 Styles


The Port Wine produced with white grapes in the Douro region. This is a young port, aged at least 3 years in wooden vats. It has a straw yellow color.


Some Port wines are specially selected to age in oak barrels. The gradual exposure to the air concentrates the flavors and matures the colors, which pass from the ruby to the amber, while the aromas evolve to create complex and subtle flavors of nuts, vanilla and caramel.


Pink color Port wine obtained by little intense maceration of red grapes and in which oxidation phenomena isn’t promoted during its conservation. They are wines to be consumed young, with good aromatic exuberance, with notes of cherry, raspberry and strawberry. In the mouth they are soft and pleasant. Should be enjoyed fresh or with ice, and can be served in cocktails.


As its name suggests, it is a red Port wine, red ruby intense. Full-bodied, rich and powerful, this wine is aged in large stainless or oak vats in order to maintain its original characteristics, reminiscent of red fruits such as cherries and strawberries.

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