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Just for...

Brave Beard Men

JUST FOR ... Brave Beard Men, an elegant combination of 3 fortified wines in the WIT (Wine In Tube) format, and two Portuguese design brands.

The famous Portuguese fortified wines, represented by Port Wine, Moscatel de Setúbal and Madeira Wine, both aged for 10 years, are combined with 2 men care products: Beard Brush and Shaving Soap.

By the hands of SEMOGUE, a company of S. Félix da Marinha, the traditional Beard Brushes have been produced since 1955. The Shaving Soap will make your look amazing, this Shaving Soap is inspired in the old barbershops.

This product is dedicated to all MEN regardless of their style, because with WIT and the products we have selected, your style will stay UPPER!


  • Black paper cardboard Gift Box with wooden tops

  • High density foam for suspended tubes exhibition on the inside

  • The gift box is in a display format for better visualization and appeal

  • Outside strap an internal message in natural cork


For Men with a

brave beard.

Shave and Drink!

Shave and Drink 3.jpg
Shave and Drink

Coffret Just for...Brave Beard Men

1 x Port Wine 10 Years Old Tawny  

1 x Moscatel of Setúbal    Superior 10 Years 

1 x Madeira Wine  Malvasia 10 Years

1 x Bearded brush  

1 x Beard Soap 

Shave anda Drink 2.jpg
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