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Pastel de Nata

é Bué bom!

"Pastel de Nata". For those who know, only the name makes your mouth water! The first record of this famous pastry dates back to the 16th century, in the Cookbook by Infanta D. Maria de Portugal (1538-1577). Today Pastel de Nata has an international presence and is know globally. For those who have already tasted this sweet pastry and knows its flavour, here is a set to remember sensations. The perfect pairing between the Pastel de Nata liqueur and tasty truffles filled with Pastel de Nata liqueur cream, sprinkled with cinnamon, will delight the lovers of this Portuguese delicary.



  • Pastel de Nata liqueur tube + 5 chocolate truffles filled with Pastel de Nata cream liqueur

The Chocolates

5x Chocolate truffles with Pastel de Nata cream liqueur and in the outside a touch of cinnamon 

IMG_1532 nata.jpg 2.jpg
custard tart


1x Tube 60ml

5x Chocolates

Customizable Strap

We customize the outside and inside strap in natural cork as your liking

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