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Flying Flavors

Fortified Wines

The fortified wines presented in this gift box symbolize the authenticity of the best produced in the three regions of Portugal that are part of the triangle: Madeira Island, Porto and Lisbon and Tagus Valley. Alone or with friends, any of those wines is the perfect pair to make the moment special. All these wines breathe tradition and heritage of their ancestors. Madeira Wine for example has over 500 years of history. Did you know that it was a toast of Madeira Wine that on July 4, 1776, was celebrated the independence of the United States of America?

We toast again!

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Alentejo Interior
Norte Alentejano
  • Paper cardboard Gift Box with wooden tops

  • Interior with small text about fortified wines

Coffret Route of Flavors

Centennial wines with very particular characteristics and full of character.

Generous Wines


3x 60ml Tubes

  • Muscat de Setúbal 2016

  • Fine Rich Madeira Wine

  • Tawny Port Wine

Coffret Route of Flavors

In order for you to experience the unique characteristics of each of these wines, we have joined in this coffret 3 tubes full of history and tradition.

Find out which is your favorite of this Portuguese Triangle!

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