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Wine in Tube

New Wedding Gifts!

All in tube, to make your day.


We have a wide range of products for adults and children, from wines to sweets in tube. We customized packaging with the image adapted to the wedding.

Discover some of our proposals below.


We customize your gifts, with your logo, or decorative elements to your liking.

+ Our services

Varied Range of Tubes

For unique and special moments, different offers. Your guests will never forget your day.


We make fast and safe deliveries after all customization is complete.

+ Our Range

Customization of Individual Boxes with a tube of your choice. We also present solutions for children.

*compatible with 50ml (14.5cm), 60ml (17cm), 100ml (21.5cm) tubes

Individual Boxes

vip Cover

Covers with a tube to offer to the guests. With option of 1 tube of choice or 1 tube and 2 chocolates. It can also be with a personalized message for the guests. We also have a range of sweets for children.

*compatible with 60ml (17cm) tubes

It is with great joy that we are, for the first time, awarded the Wedding Awards 2023, from the website

A huge and special thank you to all our bride and groom for their trust, to the team members and to those who believe in our work and who constantly support us, this award belongs to all of us!

Coffret Tasting

Super versatile box that can be adapted for 3 tubes, 1 tube and 1 tube and 5 chocolates. Available Chocolates:

Moscatel é BomBom

Madeira é BomBom

Porto é BomBom

Pastel de Nata é Bué Bom!

*compatible with 60ml (17cm) tubes

Coffret Tasting 

Coffret with option of 2 tubes of your choice. It can be personalized with phrases on the inside, and the logo on outside cork strap.

*compatible with 60ml (17cm) tubes

Black Pearls Porto

Coffret with wooden tops and personalized natural cork strap, composed of a tube of Port Wine and artisanal chocolates made with Port Wine ganache. Its interior can be adapted for 2 tubes of 100ml.

*compatible with 100ml (21.5cm) tubes

Follow the Swallow

Coffret with two tubes of your choice, complete with a ceramic Swallow (symbol of fidelity) with magnet and personalized natural cork strap.

*compatível com tubos de 60ml (17cm)

Chocolate Toast 

Available flavors

GINJA IN MOVEMENT - Ginja de Óbidos + 2 cups of chocolate

PORTO PIPE- Port wine + 2 cups of chocolate

BLESSED MOSCATEL - Moscatel de Setúbal + 2 cups of chocolate

*Custom strap option compatible with 60ml (17cm) tubes

Coffret Premium

Premium coffret with wooden tops for a more refined offer. Option of 4 tubes of 60ml, 3 tubes of 100ml (fortified wines only). 

*compatible with 60ml (17cm) and 100ml (21.5cm) tubes

Aqui há Spirits

União perfeita para quem aprecia bebidas espirituosas. Personalização em cartolina kraft ou cortiça.

Opções disponíveis:

Spirits Gin

Spirits Mix

Spirits Rum

*compatível com tubos de 50ml (14.5cm)

Coffret com 2 tubos e 1 tubo com mensagem personalizada. Escolha os seus tubos preferidos e escreva uma mensagem personalizada que vai fica dentro de um tubo selado.

*compatível com tubos de 60ml (17cm)

Coffret Mensagem


Examples of custom packaging sets

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