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Portuguese Rum

Yes, there is RUM made in Portugal! And it has an excellent quality!

Despite the centuries-old tradition of distilling sugar from the Sugar Cane on Madeira Island, only with the new legal framework of 2011 the Agricultural RUM saw its status raised to the category it deserved, opening the way to the new era of Portuguese RUM. Is national quality is now assembled in this gift box consisting of a selection of four Portuguese rums of election, presented in a seductive, differentiating and portable format. An original, unique and exquisite experience created for RUM lovers and all those who still want to fall in love with it.


  • Gift Box in hard white cardboard paper with matte lamination

  • Holes for tubes and botanicals, for direct visualization of the products

  • Packaging with interior and exterior content information

  • Molded interior frame for tube, botanicals and brochure support

  • Suspended glass tubes with white background for a more clear product enhance


Selection of 4 Portuguese Rum's of choise for Rum Lovers

Portuguese Rum

Contains 4 Tubes

William Hinton Original

William Hinton 9 Months 

970 Reserva 6 Years 

980 Benefited

Portuguese Rum


+ 3 Botanists

+ 1 Brochure with recipes for each of the Rum's

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