Bees In Tube

Honey, Honey Water and Bee Pollen Granules are the three products represented here, obtained by the meticulous work of the beautiful Portuguese bees. Produced through traditional methods by Ana Oliveira, beekeeper from São Brás de Alportel - Algarve, these products of an unequaled quality will surely delight the honey lovers.

Did you know that honey is the only sweet product that contains proteins, various minerals and vitamins essentials to our health? Do you know what Honey water is? And the benefits of Pollen, have you heard about it?

The Bees IN TUBE coffret gives you some of this knowledge, while tasting each one of these products.

BEES IN TUBE, a sweet, original and exquisite experience!

Individual Boxes Portugal Tastes Good

When buying the 3 products of the range BEES IN TUBE we offer individual boxes that can be offered to the customer.

Bees In Tube Display

Acrylic display to promote the 3 products, giving a brief notion of some of its characteristics.