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Fado Lovers

FADO music is part of the Portuguese  affective, cultural and ethnographic heritage. Cheers to FADO! To celebrate FADO we propose you emblematic liqueurs and fortified Portuguese wines: the Ginja (Cherry Liqueur), symbol of Lisbon and the FADO houses; the Carcavelos Wine, an almost extinct wine, of unique characteristics, symbolizing the cultural heritage of the Portuguese people; and the most international of the Portuguese fortified wines - the Port Wine, icon of the world projection of FADO to the  four corners of the world.

Enjoy the FADO with a good drink and in a good company!



  • Black paper cardboard Gift Box with wooden tops

  • High density foam for suspended tubes exhibition on the inside

  • The gift box is in a display format for better visualization and appeal

  • Outside strap an internal message in natural cork


Coffret for lovers of Portuguese Fado contains 3 tubes and a special message and a CD

Cheers to Fado

Coffret Just for ... Fado Lovers

-Ginja Vila das Rainhas

-Carvelos Vin 1992

-Porto Wine Reserve Tawny

1x Fado Lovers CD

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