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Discovering Portuguese Gin

The Gin phenomenon is still growing all over the world. USA, UK, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain are currently the most fashionable Gin producers. And Portugal? Portugal is fashionable. Since 2012, more than twenty national premium Gin brands have appeared in the Portuguese market. They work the quality of the botanicals who are part of our traditions.

This national quality is now gathered through this joint project between Wine Spiritus and Gin Lovers. Each Gift Box contains a selection of four Portuguese premium gin brands presented in a seductive, differentiating and portable format.

An original, unique and exquisite experience created for the Gin lovers and all those who still want to fall in love.

GIN IN TUBE has arrived!



  • Gift Box in hard white cardboard paper with matte lamination

  • Holes for tubes and botanicals, for direct visualization of the products

  • Packaging with interior and exterior content information

  • Molded interior frame for tube, botanicals and brochure support

  • Suspended glass tubes with white background for a more clear product enhance

Volume 1

Coffret consisting of 4 tubes of 50ml of the Portuguese brands of GIN:

- Big Boss Dry



- INseparable

+ 3 Botanists

+ 1 Brochure

Gins 14_edited.jpg
Volume 2

Coffret consisting of 4 tubes of 50ml of the Portuguese brands of GIN:

- Gold Grail

- Tinto

- Neighbours

- Adamvs

+ 3 Botanists

+ 1 Brochure

Gins 15_edited.jpg
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