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My First Purchase

How can I make a purchase?

Making a purchase on is very simple and fast.

Follow these steps:

- Browse the shop on the site until you find the product you are looking for;

- Enter the quantity you want to buy by adding it to the shopping basket;

- If you wish to finalize your purchases, you can do so by accessing the shopping cart. To continue shopping click on continue shopping;

- When you have completed your purchases click on “view cart” and then click on "checkout"

- If you are not yet a registered customer you will have to log in and only then can you proceed with the purchase;

- Confirm all data and with special relevance the shipping address so that you can reach your chosen destination without any problems. The more information you provide, the more efficient the transport service will be. We recommend that you provide us with at least one mobile phone number and indicate the preferred delivery times;

- If you want to write an offer message, you can do so by filling in the “write message” field;

- Select the payment method. We have several payment possibilities. All are safe;

- Before finalizing the purchase, confirm that all data is correct: product, quantities, shipping address and payment method;

- Click on finalize to formalize the payment by the chosen method;

- And that's it! Now just wait comfortably for the doorbell to ring!

How can I pay?

You have at your disposal different payment options (Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, Pay Pal, Credit / Debit Card, Manual Payment), and you must choose one of them, according to your preference. All orders whose payment confirmation is not settled within the maximum period of 15 days, will be canceled. With regard to payment by credit card, if it is not confirmed, they will be canceled on the next business day.

Is the payment secure?

Totally safe. The information entered for payment is 100% secure, using globally recognized security and certification tools. All information is encrypted, navigating in code form over the web, which makes it practically impossible for third parties to access such information. The most sensitive information regarding, for example, your credit card data, is managed by a secure server, using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. Your credit card number is only used at the time of your purchase and is not registered in our system. The only information we keep is your personal data.

Can I send my order to someone as an offer?

Yes. When placing an order, you can write in the specific field “This purchase is for sale”. For your convenience, we will not attach any invoice with the product shipment.

How do I send a personalized postcard?

You can do it just write in the specific field "This purchase is for sale". Write the message you want to send to your family member, friend or client and you will be able to surprise by offering a fully personalized product. The postcard with your printed message will accompany the product inside the box. provides you with this functionality free of charge.

To clarify any doubts, contact us at

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