É BomBom

The perfect pairing between the Fortified Wines with soft texture, intense and complex aromas, produced  by portuguese prestigious companies, and the delicious Artisan Chocolate produced by Cacao diVine, specialist in Wine Chocolate, are the ingredients that feed these gift sets.

Enter this journey of intense aromas and awaken your senses to refined flavors.



  • Handmade chocolates with the flavour of pure cocoa

  • Inside each chocolate involves a creamy ganache


  • Black paper cardboard Gift Box with wooden tops

  • Outside strap in natural cork

  • Inside finishing in natural cork

Muscat is Candy

- Tubo of Moscatel de Setúbal 

- 5 Chocolates filled with Moscatel de Setúbal ganache

Carcavelos is good

- Tubo of Carcavelos Wine

- 5 Chocolate filled with Salted Caramel

Customizable Strap

- Tubo of  Ruby Port

- 5 Chocolates filled with Port Wine ganache

PORTO 1.jpg
wood is candy

- Tubo of Madeira Wine

- 5 Chocolates filled with Madeira Wine ganache