Moscatel é BomBom

The perfect pairing between a soft texture Moscatel de Setúbal, with intense and complex aromas, and delicious Artisanal Chocolates stuffed with ganache of Moscatel de Setúbal Wine, is the combination we present here in this gift box. The Horácio Simões Family, a century-old house founded in 1910, heiress of a multi-generation wine tradition, and Cacao diVine, expert in making Chocolates with Wine, are the two producers who feed this set. Join this journey of intense aromas and awaken the senses to taste of refinement.


  • Handmade chocolates with the flavour of pure cocoa

  • Inside each chocolate involves a creamy ganache made with Moscatel de Setúbal


  • Black paper cardboard Gift Box with wooden tops

  • Outside strap in natural cork

  • Inside finishing in natural cork

​Handmade chocolates with Moscatel de Setúbal wine, inside each chocolate involves a creamy ganache with a flavor of pure cocoa


1x Tube 60ml

5x Chcocolate

We customize the outside and inside strap in natural cork as your liking.

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