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Moscatel Orange


Setúbal and its traditions are well present here in this gift box which combines traditional sweets with Moscatel Wine. In the past, extensive orchards of the famous Setúbal orange surrounded the city of Setúbal. The "Filetes de Casca de Laranja Cristalizada" marked several genarations and today are still considered one of the most typical delicacies of Setúbal. About to complete a century of existence, Abrantes Pastry, founded in 1922, has preserved this recipe over the years. The harmonization of this product with the Moscatel de Setúbal of Family Horácio Simões, centenary house founded in 1910, it is our proposal to better get to know Setúbal and its flavors. 

Crystallized Orange Peel Filets

  • Very old typical recipe from Setúbal

  • Intense orange flavor, great with Moscatel


  • Black paper cardboard Gift Box with wooden tops

  • Outside strap in natural cork

  • Inside finishing in natural cork


Crystallized orange peels with intense flavor accompanied with Moscatel de Setúbal

Moscatel Orange Setúbal


1x Tubo 60ml

Crystallized orange peel filets

Customizable Strap

We customize the outside and inside strap in natural cork as your liking

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