Port Black Pearls 

The perfect pairing between a Port Wine with a soft texture, intense and complex aromas, and 6 delicious artisanal chocolates, stuffed with this same Port Wine. Inside each chocolate involves a creamy ganache that will delight the most unbelieving.

The Port Wine chosen for this exquisite coffret is the Tawny Reserve of Barão de Vilar, and the pearls-shaped Bonbons are a creation of Cacao diVine, specialists in produce Chocolates with wine lovers. On the outside the natural cork strap gives the final touch.


  • Artisanal chocolates stuffed with Port Wine

  • Inside each chocolate involves a creamy ganache made with a Tawny Reserve Port Wine

  • Pearl Shape


  • Black paper cardboard Gift Box with wooden tops

  • Outside strap in natural cork


Handcrafted chocolate stuffed with Port Wine inside each chocolate wraps a creamy ganache in Pearl format

Port Diamonds


1x Tube 100ml

6x Stuffed chocolate

Customizable Strap

We customize the natural cork straps to your liking