Set Drinking History of the Portuguese Fortified Wines

4 Coffrets

  • Port Wine
  • Madeira Wine
  • Moscatel of Setúbal
  • Carcavelos Wine

Collection of fortified wines is made up of four coffrets representing the four main categories of Portugal's fortified wines.


Set Drinking History of the Portuguese Fortified Wines

    • Wooden and compact cardboard Gift Box, lined with black finepaper and gold stamps
    • Illustrated hand-painted straps, unique for each type of fortified wine, representing the sequence of the wine treatment process, symbolizing the harvesting of the grapes, trending transport and finally the wine in the bottle.
    • Gift Packaging eith exhibitor format for better shelve visualization.
    • Packaging with interior concept and content information.
    • High density interior foam, for suspension of the tubes under a light background to enhance the color of liquids.

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